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Herold Law Group, P.C. is passionate about employee rights.  That is why Herold Law Group, P.C. focuses 100% of its practice on representing employees in disputes between employers.

At Herold Law Group, P.C., we understand that individuals go to work everyday as a necessity to provide for themselves and their families.  However, being dependent upon an employer for income does not mean that any individual should be mistreated or disrespected by their employer.

Attorney Suzanne Herold has dedicated her entire career representing employees.  Attorney Herold specializes in  representing victims of sexual harassment and discrimination to resolving claims for unpaid wages, overtime wages and employee misclassification to unemployment hearings to severance and contract negotiations.

Attorney Herold has the experience and reputation to handle all aspects of employment litigation.  Her philosophy is simple: to provide aggressive, comprehensive representation to her clients with integrity, compassion and efficiency.

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Sexual Harassment

There are two types of sexual harassment in Massachusetts.“Quid Pro Quo” sexual harassment is when a sexual advance / request for a sexual favor or verbal or physical conduct becomes a term of the employee’s employment. In other words, “If you do not give me ‘X’ then I will do ‘Y’.


Both Federal and Massachusetts statutes prohibit discriminating against an employee (or potential employee) because of that employee’s membership in a protected class.

Unpaid Wages & Overtime Claims

An employer may violate the Massachusetts Wage Act in many ways.


When employees separate from an employer, they are often entitled to receive unemployment compensation. Whether an employee has been terminated, quit or laid-off, the employee may be eligible to collect unemployment.